Whois Privacy Protection with Webtor

As per ICANN regulations, your current WHOIS information is required to be available to the public as well as entirely precise. Which means that you will have to submit your very own or organization info on the web and make sure it is accessible to anyone to find. With the WHOIS Privacy Protection service available from Webtor, it’s possible to hide your entire information by using our info as a substitute.
One of the benefits would be that all the domain–related e–mails (transfer requests, EPP codes, etcetera) are going to continue to pass, whereas any undesired e–mail messages shall be blocked out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

As several registrars have as of now fixed Whois Privacy Protection restrictions on their TLDs, we all simply cannot provide this service for all the domain names on our list. Nonetheless, the number of domain names that feature Whois Privacy Protection is continually growing and it currently contains the most common domains extensions.
Take a look at our TLD information page to find out which from the provided domain name extensions feature Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Pick up SSL certificates completely from your CP

If you manage an Internet shop, which accepts credit card payments, it’s compulsory for you to offer your customers a reliable payment info submission area. And this is where SSL certificates can come in real handy – they encipher the connection between your web site and the customer. Ordinarily, you have to go to a 3rd–party distributor to order an SSL certificate. That’s not the case with Webtor.

With Webtor, you will be able to enable a conventional SSL certificate or even a wildcard SSL certificate directly from your Control Panel.

SSL Certificates

Domain Redirection

Forward your web sites to every other host online

With our domain name redirection tool, you can point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any site that you want. Our tool boasts an easy–to–work–with interface, which will permit you to redirect the (sub)domain names of your choosing with only a few clicks. In this way, you will not have to deal with tricky modifications to the .htaccess file.

To forward a domain, simply choose the destination path it should follow and our clever tool will do the rest instead of you and will instantly redirect the domain to the preferred location.

Domain Redirection

Quick Scalability

Switch your cloud hosting plan with just a mouse click

If you only have a domain with us, and yet you also desire to transfer your web site(s) to our web hosting platform, you can simply upgrade to one of our cloud hosting plans. Simply visit the Upgrade Plan section of the Domain Control Panel and pick the plan that you desire to move to. We’ll then enable all the available web hosting options for you and you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the web site installation and management tools that are integrated into the Control Panel.

All our cloud hosting plans offer a drag ’n’ drop File Manager, webmail access, the possibility to set up multiple MySQL databases and to examine in–depth web traffic stats, and a lot more, so all you need to take into account is the amount of resources that you need for your sites.

Quick Scalability

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